Friday, December 19, 2008

Douglas on Rolan

Quoting Rob Douglas on our soon to be former city Finance Director:
“Rolan has a history of departing on short notice and after a brief tenure — as she did before arriving in the Yampa Valley. As this newspaper has reported, ‘Rolan left a previous job with the city of Columbia, S.C., under similarly vague circumstances’”
What Mr. Douglas fails to mention is that, but for my own “reporting”, it is questionable whether SP&T would have ever known about, much less publicized, any of the information in the press reports surrounding Ms. Rolan’s previous employment history.

In the comments section of this SP&T puff piece, my comments have been purged along with every other comment I ever offered on the SP&T website. However, there remains telltale evidence that I was the one who first alerted this community to this issue.

Quoting the commentator known as “ijustlookhi”:
“thanks sbvor for doing the papers job and at least googling some info!

This is ridiculous! Pilot should be ashamed at how shallow this article is….lets see how you handle it from here.

She seems like a terrible hire and I do want to know more particulars.”
In that same comments section, the poster known as “SteamboatsConscience”, in a rare instance of agreeing with me, also quoted one of the links which I dredged up in researching Ms. Rolan’s background.

Was our former City Manager aware of this employment history when he hired Ms. Rolan?

Why did SP&T only report on this employment history AFTER they got taken to the woodshed by their own readers?

Shame on SP&T (as usual)!

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