Monday, December 21, 2009

Obsessed With Dope

Here’s a screenshot from our local online “newspaper”.
Listed are the top 4 most discussed articles.
The top three all deal with Marijuana.
A distant fourth place went to this article.

Click the image, examine the current stats.
Odds are, a dope discussion will top the list:

Click the image, examine current stats
Does this say something about our community/nation?
You bet it does -- and nothing good!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Climate Ignorance From FreeRider

Quoting FreeRider commenting at SP&T:
“Now ski corp. needs to adapt to the climate change since winter has been coming later in the season”
Click the image to read the comment:
Click the image to read the comment

FreeRider is a typical victim of brazenly dishonest climate propaganda such as we find at this web site.

Meantime, NOAA reports the following for October, 2009:
“The unusually cold and wet conditions experienced across the middle of the country led to several locations setting snowfall records. Cheyenne, Wyoming experienced 28 inches (71 cm) of snow for the month, making October 2009 the city’s snowiest October on record. North Platte, Nebraska observed 30.3 inches (77 cm) of snowfall, making October 2009 the snowiest month of all months on record for the city. The previous record was 27.8 inches (71 cm) recorded in March 1912.”
NOAA further reports that -- in the continental USA -- October, 2009 was the third coldest October since 1895.

And, despite all the alarmist propaganda, NOAA also documents a 17 year winter cooling trend in the continental USA as well as a particularly dramatic domestic winter cooling trend over the last 11 years.

Click here for -- among other things -- instructions on how to replicate the previous two charts from the NOAA web site.

And, bear in mind that this cooling trend is demonstrated from data which peer reviewed science has found to have a demonstrable warming bias.

Click here for some basic climate change science.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Local Cult Members Worship Reusable Bags

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Quoting our local “newspaper”:
“It shows the mountain towns are championing and pioneering reusing the reusables and keeping the plastic out of our rivers and out of our snow”
The article goes on to cite a laundry list of the purported evils of plastic.

Click the image & read the rest
of the anti-plastic moronic propaganda:

Click the image & read the rest of the anti-plastic moronic propaganda

To believe that any good is coming from this cultist anti-plastic fad requires us to assume that all of these purported do-gooders who are now reusing canvas bags were previously disposing of their plastic bags in hideously irresponsible ways.

This is exactly analogous to the false argument that guns (as opposed to criminal behavior) are the cause gun violence.

The fact is that recycling plastic bags is -- by FAR -- the most sensible and environmentally friendly option. For those willing to risk their health and the health of their family, reusing the plastic bags is a slightly more environmentally friendly option. In fact, as the plastic will not absorb the moisture required to pose a food poisoning risk, reusing the plastic bags is almost certainly a FAR healthier option than the reusable canvas bags.

But, attempting to educate members of the single most dangerous religious cult in the entire history of the human race is an exercise in futility. You might as well attempt to educate your kitchen table. Those who have already embraced this cult are already too far gone. They have been WAY too thoroughly indoctrinated in their religious beliefs.

The best we can hope for is to prevent the very young from becoming indoctrinated into the cult. And, home schooling is the ONLY way to do that.

Click here & link reusable bags to food poisoning.
Click here for some facts on plastic.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

SPT Loaded Question on Health Care

Quoting the current poll question from our local Leftist propaganda rag:
“Are you dissatisfied with the state of health care in America today?”
Of course I am dissatisfied. But, if I respond in the affirmative, the implication will be that I want government to “fix” it. Government, as usual, created this problem. And, yet another government “solution” -- no matter WHAT that “solution” is -- will ONLY make matters WORSE -- as always!

Wage and price controls from FDR first created this problem. That FDR “solution” (to an inflation problem) literally made it illegal for employers to offer competitive wages. So, as always, employers found a loophole. The loophole was “benefits” (like employer provided health insurance). From that moment on, the consumer of health care was divorced from the payer of health care. And, at that very moment, we lost all hope of EVER containing health care costs.

Those FDR created spiraling costs are my beef with the current system. Okay, predatory scumbag trial lawyers who have the Dims in their bulging pockets (and vice versa) also contribute to the current mess -- as have additional government regulations which serve only to limit competition in the insurance business.

But, despite all this government “assistance”, we have -- demonstrably, objectively and quantitatively -- the BEST health care system in the entire world (partly because the governments of other nations -- such as Canada -- have made an even BIGGER mess of their health care systems).

I have ZERO expectation that MORE government intervention of ANY sort will make things any better. More government intervention will -- as ALWAYS -- only make matters WORSE!

Click the image & read about the issue:
Click the image & read about the issue
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Colorado Energy Boom - Updated on 3/29/09

Click here to view the latest updates to the post titled “Welcome to The Colorado Energy Boom”.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Blair R. Picard - Shockingly Ignorant

Quoting Blair R. Picard:
“add up the deficits accumulated by our beloved Republican president during the past eight years, and Mr. Obama’s proposals look rather tame.”
Sorry Blair - The Washington Post begs to differ.
Bush Deficits vs. Obama Deficits in Pictures.
Click the image to view the source:

Click the image to view the source
Click here for EXCELLENT commentary.
Click here for the rest of the story.

The rest of Blair’s drivel is even more ignorant than that:

1) “our Bush depression”?

A) It AIN’T a “depression”.

B) Bush didn’t cause the recession.

2) Tax policy - Click here for the objective, quantitative facts.

3) Climate Change - Start here and read the rest.

What an unmitigated MORON! Blair R. Picard is typical of the uninformed fools who voted for Obama. These idiots deserve what they voted for. Unfortunately, they will drag the rest of us down with them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3/3/09 - Updated Housing Bubble Data

Click here to view the updated (nonexistent) housing bubble data for Colorado. This update reflects data through October 1st of 2008 (the most current data available from this source).

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Origins of the Smaller Class Size Agenda

I wonder how many of our locals who blindly support the smaller class size agenda have any clue where that agenda was born. Don’t count on SP&T to reveal the facts!

The SOLE purpose of the smaller class size agenda was to expand the scope, scale and political influence of the vast numbers of public sector employees laboring under an overtly Socialist model for the delivery of publicly funded “education” - er, sorry, Marxist indoctrination.

The ONLY “accomplishment” to come from this Marxist inspired agenda was to practically DOUBLE the number of workers laboring under this enormously destructive Socialist model for the delivery of “education”!

What started as a smaller schools agenda evolved into a smaller classroom agenda (requiring even MORE state employees). As usual, it ain’t about the kids!

Quoting a fully footnoted Wikipedia entry:
“Michael Klonsky (born 1943) is an American educator, author,[1] and political activist. Klonsky is one of the leaders of the modern small schools movement which has done much to transform the face of secondary school education in the United State[s].”

“In the 1970s he [Klonsky] became a leader of the New Communist Movement which broke away from the older Communist Party USA and its allegiance to the Soviet Union.”
Click the image & read the rest:

Click here to learn more about Klonsky/Ayers/Obama.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Americas Trillion Dollar Housing Mistake

Quoting The Manhattan Institute:
“For more than seven decades, American government has acted to provide housing for the poor. In America’s Trillion-Dollar Housing Mistake, Howard Husock explains how, as with so many anti-poverty efforts, low-income housing programs have harmed those they were meant to help while causing grave collateral damage to cities and their citizens. Public housing projects, Mr. Husock writes, are only the best-known housing policy mistakes. His book explains how a long list of lesser-known efforts—including housing vouchers, community development corporations, the low-income housing tax credit, and the Community Reinvestment Act—are just as pernicious, working in concert to undermine sound neighborhoods and perpetuate a dependent underclass. He exposes the false premises underlying publicly subsidized housing, above all the belief that the private housing market inevitably fails the poor.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Click here to learn more.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Updated Post - The Colorado Energy Boom

Click here to view the latest updates to the post titled “Welcome to The Colorado Energy Boom”.

Geez! I wonder - with tongue pressed firmly in cheek - why our local paper is not pressuring Mark Udall to reverse the travesty he imposed upon our state, our nation and our world.

I am deeply ashamed to admit that Mark Udall purports to represent me.

I am proud to say I voted against Mark Udall.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gee - More Alarmist Propaganda From Gee

Quoting Brandon Gee (emphasis mine):
“Colorado’s pine forests — along with those throughout the Rocky Mountain West — are in the grip of an unprecedented mountain pine beetle epidemic that began in about 1996.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest

It is my personal opinion that Mr. Gee is the worst excuse for a “journalist” employed by our local rag (which, in itself, is one of the worst propaganda rags in Colorado). Of course, within Mr. Gee’s so-called “profession”, the spreading of climate change propaganda is an institutionally mandated dictate openly originating at the top of the “profession”.

Since I have previously debunked the exact same alarmist nonsense from Mr. Gee, I will primarily refer the readers to this series of reviews of Mr. Gee’s previous climate change propaganda.

In brief, I would remind Mr. Gee that even Alarmist-in-Chief, James Hansen has grudgingly admitted that “1934 is the warmest year in the contiguous states” in the entire 20th and 21st centuries. Hansen, of course, only admitted this after being backed into a corner by irrefutable evidence. I would also remind Mr. Gee that there is considerable evidence to suggest that the mountain pine beetle infestations of that period were far more severe throughout “the Rocky Mountain West” than the “unprecedented” conditions which our local propagandist would have us believe.

In the dangerously vacuous “minds” of those who are among the very most dangerously destructive religious cult members ever known to humanity, current temperatures are utterly “unprecedented” and represent a terrible threat to a “Planet in Peril”. NOTHING could be further from the truth! And, Americans, in rapidly increasing numbers, are coming to understand this irrefutable fact. When we examine the peer reviewed scientific evidence, it seems obvious that there were, just in the last 10,000 years, probably MANY temperature related mountain pine beetle infestations which were FAR more severe than the present (perfectly NORMAL, entirely cyclical) infestation.

I am quite certain that President Obama intends to exploit this unbridled climate change ignorance to bring about his Socialist revolution. Once Obama nationalizes our energy sector (and he will), it will be all over but the crying. I am confident that Hugo Chavez is Obama’s idol and we are about to suffer a fate similar to Venezuela (which, like us, elected their current tyrant).

Friday, January 16, 2009

Affordable Housing vs. Open Space

Mary Brown, without appearing to know she had done so, told our community precisely why we do not have and never will have “affordable housing”. Mary said:
“Since we started doing community surveys in the late 1980s, there have been two items that have been one and two universally: Preservation of open space and affordable housing.”
How many times do I have to say this? We can have open space or we can have affordable housing. We cannot have it both ways! The two values are absolutely, positively, MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE! PERIOD! Pick one and stop pretending to hypocritically give lip service to the other!

Every so-called “solution” offered to date has ONLY served to drive the price of housing even HIGHER. Any idiot could have predicted that outcome. Any additional government meddling in the housing market will also ONLY serve to drive the price of housing higher still.

At BEST, these idiotic “affordable housing” schemes (all across the nation) create the illusion of a tiny little Potemkin Village (to describe it as a REAL Potemkin Village would be to give it WAY too much credit). Those very, very, VERY few foolish enough to buy into these illusions of Potemkin Villages are harmed the most. Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of the work force then gets to pay even higher prices for their housing (to own OR rent) so that that the “affordable housing” idiots can crow about how wonderful their utopian illusion of a tiny little Potemkin Village is.


If you do-gooders want something good to do, try doing NOTHING! You will do FAR LESS HARM! Better still, BUILD SOME MARKET RATE RENTAL APARTMENTS at whatever distance from Mt. Werner makes it economically feasible to do so.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Updated Housing Bubble Data

Click here to view the updated (nonexistent) housing bubble data for Colorado. This update only reflects data through July of 2008. But, it still shows no real bubble (much less any bubble burst) in Colorado housing.

QUICK! Somebody tell the media (ROFLMFAO!!!).

P.S.) I’m kinda sorta beginning to almost like Rob Douglas. Aside from approving of the general thrust of his latest entry, based on his commentary on the only Dim to lose in Routt County last year, I could almost believe that Rob is secretly reading my local blog. HA! What a delicious irony THAT would be!

As for SP&T approved commentator, Steve Lewis (who is proselytizing in Rob’s latest column)… Well, Steve will always defend the very most egregiously destructive of our Local Lunatic Left (mostly because he is a charter member of that posse). Just click here and you’ll get the picture.