Sunday, July 26, 2009

SPT Loaded Question on Health Care

Quoting the current poll question from our local Leftist propaganda rag:
“Are you dissatisfied with the state of health care in America today?”
Of course I am dissatisfied. But, if I respond in the affirmative, the implication will be that I want government to “fix” it. Government, as usual, created this problem. And, yet another government “solution” -- no matter WHAT that “solution” is -- will ONLY make matters WORSE -- as always!

Wage and price controls from FDR first created this problem. That FDR “solution” (to an inflation problem) literally made it illegal for employers to offer competitive wages. So, as always, employers found a loophole. The loophole was “benefits” (like employer provided health insurance). From that moment on, the consumer of health care was divorced from the payer of health care. And, at that very moment, we lost all hope of EVER containing health care costs.

Those FDR created spiraling costs are my beef with the current system. Okay, predatory scumbag trial lawyers who have the Dims in their bulging pockets (and vice versa) also contribute to the current mess -- as have additional government regulations which serve only to limit competition in the insurance business.

But, despite all this government “assistance”, we have -- demonstrably, objectively and quantitatively -- the BEST health care system in the entire world (partly because the governments of other nations -- such as Canada -- have made an even BIGGER mess of their health care systems).

I have ZERO expectation that MORE government intervention of ANY sort will make things any better. More government intervention will -- as ALWAYS -- only make matters WORSE!

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