Friday, August 8, 2008

Welcome to The Colorado Energy Boom!

Updated with the latest data on 3/29/09
Welcome to The [Accelerating] Colorado Energy Boom!
Click The Image to Enlarge & View The Source:Click The Image to Enlarge And View The Source
Now, if only we could get Congressional Dems to
ALLOW US to get to work on Colorado Oil Shale!

It appears as though Dems HATE to see Americans with JOBS!

Millions are out of work.
Yet Dems continue to bow to their religious cult
rather than create even MORE good paying jobs!



Steamboat Lion said...

SBVOR, you've committed one of the classic data presentation sins - starting the Y axis above zero. You don't need to cook the books. A doubling in employment speaks for itself. No need to make it look like a quadrupling...

SBVOR said...

Steamboat Lion,

I agree. But, you’ve aimed your arrow at the wrong target.

Click the image, view the data source and tell it to the St. Louis Federal Reserve.

Investigate before you falsely accuse!

Steamboat Lion said...

Which just goes to show, never trust the Feds!

Humblest apologies. All your other graphs make the point that you created them personally, so I just assumed (which of course I shouldn't have.)

My bad!

SBVOR said...

Steamboat Lion,

Apology accepted.

Some graphs are mine, some are not. And, there are occasions where a Y scale starting somewhere other than zero is more appropriate (such as when seeking to illuminate the differences in multiple series). When charting a single series, starting at zero is usually more appropriate (and I usually do).