Sunday, August 17, 2008

Steve Lewis Strikes Again

Quoting Steve Lewis:
“Please consider either stopping it [Conservative commentary]
or placing some standard on their tripe.”
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& read the quote in context:
Click the image & read the quote in context
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Mr. Lewis, you and your ilk have already succeeded in driving virtually all Conservative commentators out of the SP&T Reader Forum. As the previous link notes, you and your ilk encouraged the virtual book burning of every bit of community dialog I ever contributed to the SP&T Reader Forum. If you drum Conservatives out of letter to the editor pages, what’s next?

Where will your politically motivated (and astonishingly hypocritical) censorship end?

8/18/08 Update:
Steve Lewis further reveals what makes him happy:
“I like the new blog… It looks like the main difference with ‘less’ anonymous participation is the once conservative majority has bailed?”
Anybody surprised at what makes Mr. Lewis happy? I’m not!

First, there is no longer ANY “anonymous participation”!
SP&T now DEMANDS that ALL posters reveal their identity to THEM!

UPDATE: As of 2/20/2012, SP&T now requires all commenters to reveal their true identity to every emotionally unstable political extremist with access to a computer.

Second, a DRAMATIC reduction in the number of Conservative posters is PRECISELY what I predicted would happen and PRECISELY what I asserted was the primary goal of the far, far, FAR LEFT SP&T!

If ANYBODY finds it surprising that only ONE conservative poster (thus far) was naïve enough to trust SP&T with their identity, they must not understand the true nature of the FAR LEFT!

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