Friday, January 16, 2009

Affordable Housing vs. Open Space

Mary Brown, without appearing to know she had done so, told our community precisely why we do not have and never will have “affordable housing”. Mary said:
“Since we started doing community surveys in the late 1980s, there have been two items that have been one and two universally: Preservation of open space and affordable housing.”
How many times do I have to say this? We can have open space or we can have affordable housing. We cannot have it both ways! The two values are absolutely, positively, MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE! PERIOD! Pick one and stop pretending to hypocritically give lip service to the other!

Every so-called “solution” offered to date has ONLY served to drive the price of housing even HIGHER. Any idiot could have predicted that outcome. Any additional government meddling in the housing market will also ONLY serve to drive the price of housing higher still.

At BEST, these idiotic “affordable housing” schemes (all across the nation) create the illusion of a tiny little Potemkin Village (to describe it as a REAL Potemkin Village would be to give it WAY too much credit). Those very, very, VERY few foolish enough to buy into these illusions of Potemkin Villages are harmed the most. Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of the work force then gets to pay even higher prices for their housing (to own OR rent) so that that the “affordable housing” idiots can crow about how wonderful their utopian illusion of a tiny little Potemkin Village is.


If you do-gooders want something good to do, try doing NOTHING! You will do FAR LESS HARM! Better still, BUILD SOME MARKET RATE RENTAL APARTMENTS at whatever distance from Mt. Werner makes it economically feasible to do so.

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