Friday, January 2, 2009

Updated Housing Bubble Data

Click here to view the updated (nonexistent) housing bubble data for Colorado. This update only reflects data through July of 2008. But, it still shows no real bubble (much less any bubble burst) in Colorado housing.

QUICK! Somebody tell the media (ROFLMFAO!!!).

P.S.) I’m kinda sorta beginning to almost like Rob Douglas. Aside from approving of the general thrust of his latest entry, based on his commentary on the only Dim to lose in Routt County last year, I could almost believe that Rob is secretly reading my local blog. HA! What a delicious irony THAT would be!

As for SP&T approved commentator, Steve Lewis (who is proselytizing in Rob’s latest column)… Well, Steve will always defend the very most egregiously destructive of our Local Lunatic Left (mostly because he is a charter member of that posse). Just click here and you’ll get the picture.

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