Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Climate Ignorance From FreeRider

Quoting FreeRider commenting at SP&T:
“Now ski corp. needs to adapt to the climate change since winter has been coming later in the season”
Click the image to read the comment:
Click the image to read the comment

FreeRider is a typical victim of brazenly dishonest climate propaganda such as we find at this web site.

Meantime, NOAA reports the following for October, 2009:
“The unusually cold and wet conditions experienced across the middle of the country led to several locations setting snowfall records. Cheyenne, Wyoming experienced 28 inches (71 cm) of snow for the month, making October 2009 the city’s snowiest October on record. North Platte, Nebraska observed 30.3 inches (77 cm) of snowfall, making October 2009 the snowiest month of all months on record for the city. The previous record was 27.8 inches (71 cm) recorded in March 1912.”
NOAA further reports that -- in the continental USA -- October, 2009 was the third coldest October since 1895.

And, despite all the alarmist propaganda, NOAA also documents a 17 year winter cooling trend in the continental USA as well as a particularly dramatic domestic winter cooling trend over the last 11 years.

Click here for -- among other things -- instructions on how to replicate the previous two charts from the NOAA web site.

And, bear in mind that this cooling trend is demonstrated from data which peer reviewed science has found to have a demonstrable warming bias.

Click here for some basic climate change science.

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