Thursday, November 13, 2008

Boyer Does Not Get it and Never Will

Brent Boyer, the editor of our local rag, does not get it and never will.

In his latest failed attempt to defend against the obvious bias of his paper, Boyer once again trots out the utterly irrelevant fact that he publishes commentaries from both sides. WHO CARES?

Earth to Boyer! It ain’t about the commentary page! It’s about what you purport to be “straight news”. Like virtually all of the propaganda that passes for journalism today, your “straight news” is loaded with Far Left opinion and flatly untrue Far Left propaganda.

This is never more obvious than when you “report” on Socialist Housing.

It was quite obvious in your “reporting” on the Pine Beetle Infestation.

You did it with respect to the economy (more than once). Even if the NBER later declares the economy was in recession at the time of that story, what your “reporter” did will have STILL amounted to the stealth embedding of OPINION inside “straight news” (and that is NEVER acceptable)!

Click here and read what one of your own has to say on the subject of embedding opinion within “straight news”.

Click here and here and read the TRUTH from two of the last honest “journalists” left on the freaking planet!

Nationally, the overt bias in this election cycle was SO over the top that even SNL and Dan Rather could no longer deny it!

Click the image (of Goebbels) and read
Boyer’s latest failed attempt to defend his paper:

Click the image (of Goebbels) and read Boyer’s latest failed attempt to defend his paper

P.S.) Brent, it is also about your having driven --- I believe deliberately --- virtually all Conservative commentators from your Reader Forum. Hey! Brent! How’s your click rate lately? Down 50%? Or is it more than that?

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