Thursday, November 13, 2008

Central Planning Never Works

Didn’t anybody ever tell our local idiots that Central Planning (be it housing or any other market) NEVER WORKS?

Have these idiots learned NOTHING from the current housing debacle?

The Marxist agenda of the Democrats made housing beyond one’s means the next frontier in their never ending Entitlement fantasy. Nationwide, that fantasy blew up in OUR face and dragged down the entire global economy.

And now WE get to pay the piper (through yet another Marxist “solution”). And, yes, this time a Republican President (who is NOT a Conservative) saddled us with this particular Nanny State stupidity.

These idiots NEVER LEARN! Whether we’re talking about the failure of Soviet Central Planning or the 100 million people who were murdered for the cause, these idiots ALWAYS remain convinced that the ideology (Marxism) is good and only the most recent implementation was bad. The worst part is that most of them seem oblivious to the FACT that they are pursuing a blatantly Marxist agenda. After two or more generations of Marxist indoctrination in our Socialist “education” system, they simply believe they are doing “good”.

When government bureaucrats craft “solutions”, they ALWAYS make matters worse! And, they are ALWAYS too ignorant and too arrogant to see the truth of their folly!

Here we go again!

Click the image & read the latest on our
own ongoing Marxist housing debacle:

 Click the image & read the latest on our own ongoing Marxist housing debacle

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