Saturday, May 22, 2010

SPT Editor Admits I Was Correct

Quoting Brent Boyer, the “Editor” of our local Socialist rag
(emphasis mine):
“Beginning in August 2008, we simply required that online commenters provide us their real names, so that we could verify their identity before giving them permission to post to our site… At the time, I also believed that if a poster knew that we knew who they were, they might be more likely to engage in civil online dialogue.

As we approach the two-year anniversary of that change, I find myself asking, ‘Did we accomplish our goals?’

Increasingly, my answer is ‘No.’”
Boyer, whether he admits it or not, has just proven my original prediction to be correct.

On 7/24/2008 -- before SPT implemented their latest efforts to suppress free speech -- I predicted:
“Eliminating anonymity will do little or nothing to improve the discourse. Better moderation will. SP&T need only objectively and reasonably enforce their own written rules.”
As predicted, the ONLY thing Boyer and crew have “accomplished” is to further suppress free speech and to drive away some of their best commentators -- yes, including myself.

You see -- with VERY good reason -- I don’t trust anybody at our local Socialist rag any farther than I could throw their building. So, there was never any way in hell they were going to get my name.

Now, as Boyer contemplates his “next steps” in suppressing free speech, the only certainty is that the iron curtain will come down one step harder on The People’s Republic of Steamboat Springs.

Sad (and, entirely predictable).

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