Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sustainability = Stagnation

Our local Socialist pinheads are at it again -- promoting the “sustainability” fraud.

Fraud? Yep, 100% fraud -- at least under any market based system.

Proof? That’s simple -- name ONE natural resource which the world has EVER run out of. There are none. And, only a centrally planned economy could ever deliver one. Under a market based economy, the natural law of supply and demand ensures that the world NEVER runs out of ANY natural resource. Rather, as the resource becomes scarcer, the price goes higher. Demand then drops, the price drops and the cycle repeats. But, the general trend is for GRADUALLY increasing prices and GRADUALLY decreasing demand. This creates incentives to find alternatives. And, higher priced alternatives become NATURALLY competitive and GRADUALLY take hold as the preferred commodity. Or, ideally, lower priced alternatives are found through the fountainhead of innovation. If you want an example, study the hysteria surrounding predictions that the world would run out of whale oil -- never happened!

I need to update my Peak Oil post to eliminate my “world of hurt” phrase and replace it with the GRADUAL concept described above.

Back to the sustainability fraud…
The sustainability fraud promotes stagnation and the death of innovation. It presumes that we will forever remain dependent upon the resources we current use and never make use of other resources in more innovative and/or less expensive ways. Again, that only even begins to make sense in a centrally planned economy where all innovation has been crushed under the jack boot of a Socialist totalitarian regime -- exactly where we are heading.

So, once the Socialists more fully impose their utopian fantasy and more fully crush innovation, we will -- indeed -- be forced (at gunpoint) to embrace the sustainability fraud in order to survive. But, as noted in the opening paragraph, the irony is that this utopian nightmare is the ONLY circumstance under which we could ever actually run out of any natural resource.

The Socialists tell us that they are actually providing -- through government subsidies -- the spark which will ignite the innovation that delivers the next generation of energy sources. BALDERDASH! Direct government subsidies (of any sort) do NOTHING but subsidize failure and stagnation! Wind and solar power would be MUCH farther along in finding their natural niche in our power grid if government had NOT subsidized them! The subsidies eliminate ALL incentive to improve the product and find the natural niche!

Ethanol never had a natural niche and never will. It was 100% pure government fraud and corruption (and still is). And, the same eco-nuts behind the sustainability fraud are the very nuts who -- as documented in a previous post -- reacted in an utterly irrational way to Three Mile Island and ensured we would not develop any new nuclear power plants for DECADES.

As I noted in a previous post, the global warming hysteria fraud is very similar to the stagnated mindset of the pinheads who promote the sustainability fraud. And, as we can see in the editorial which prompted this post; the two frauds are very deeply intertwingled. The stagnation promoted by the climate change alarmists is the fantasy that current climate conditions are ideal and any change -- natural or otherwise -- is inherently catastrophic. The entire fraud is based upon the notion that we must -- at ANY COST and no matter how insane the cost to “benefit” ratio -- find a way (which does not exist and never will exist) to stagnate the climate and perpetuate the current conditions forever. That, my friends, is typical of a stagnated mindset which is scared to death of ANYTHING which represents change of any sort.

The ONE aspect of our current condition which is truly “unsustainable” is deficit spending to fund entitlement fantasies. But, reigning in these truly unsustainable deficits is -- naturally -- anathema to the Socialists who ignorantly promote their alternative sustainability fraud.

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