Sunday, July 11, 2010

An Academic Pinhead Displays Her Ignorance

Quoting local pinhead Teresa Audesirk:
“Satellite measurements over the world’s oceans, combined with data from more than 6,000 land-based sites throughout the world, tell us that decade by decade, Earth is inexorably warming.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest

Let’s very briefly review the shocking ignorance displayed in just that one quoted sentence:

1) Even the world’s foremost alarmist admits that there has been no statistically significant global warming in the last 15 years (and, peer reviewed science shows that the data which demonstrate that contain an estimated warm bias of about 30%).

2) Peer reviewed science demonstrates that there is nothing even remotely unusual about the latest (now stalled for 15 years) warming trend. In fact, the ONLY thing which makes the current interglacial warming period even remotely unusual is that we have yet to match -- much less exceed -- temperatures produced by ANY of the previous FOUR interglacial warming periods. Not only that, but the closest we came to matching the temperatures of ANY of the previous FOUR interglacial warming periods was about 8,000 years ago during what is known as the Hypsithermal. Furthermore, as the previous link documents, we are in the middle of an on-going, uninterrupted 10,000 year cooling trend which the latest warming has NOT reversed!

Click here to easily verify the source data for the previous two links and to explore that data in greater detail.

In writing this bit of purely political propaganda, Ms. Audesirk has not applied ANY critical thinking skills. She has ONLY regurgitated the same tired old talking points of the purely political and utterly tyrannical eco-extremist Left.

What is REALLY scary is that Ms. Audesirk is a text book author. Would I want anybody’s children “learning” from her text books? Not on your life! Parents! Home school your kids!

Click here to expose Ms. Audesirk’s hurricane ignorance.
Click here for more basic climate change science.

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