Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fighting the Progressive Takeover of State Courts

Quoting Matt Arnold
at Human Events:
“As more and more citizens have come to understand that ‘progressive’ courts and judges have aided and abetted the growth of government power and the erosion of individual rights, they are pursuing the opportunity — and the right—to hold our judicial officeholders accountable at the ballot box.

In several states—most prominently, in Iowa, Kansas, and Colorado—the normally sleepy judicial elections are turning into some of the hottest issues on the ballot in this already critical election year.”
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Steamboat Lion said...

If only it were just progressive judges who where the problem, there'd be some hope. After all we have a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. However in Reich it was the conservatives on the Court who decided that under the Commerce Clause the Feds could prevent someone growing marijuana for their own use. They tied themselves in knots justifying how this could affect interstate commerce. Both sides abuse the constitution mercilessly to get the policy outcomes they believe in. And when conservative judges do it the sin is doublefold because the enable progressive judges to keep doing the same.