Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Energy Ignorance of Ken Brenner

Here, we expose the breath-taking ignorance in a recent letter to the editor from the worst politician Routt County has ever endured:

Ken’s myth:
“the BP disaster in the Gulf”

Even the uber-Liberal Time Magazine knows there was no environmental disaster.

Click here for more on the environmental disaster that wasn’t.

Ken indulges his favorite fantasies:
“In the past several days, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced new leases for solar and wind projects on our public lands. I appreciate his efforts in that area and look forward to the jobs that come with those industries.”

Click here & examine wind power follies.
Click here for a brief insight into solar power follies.

When governments subsidize alternative energy “solutions”, they ONLY serve to subsidize FAILURE! So long as their failures remain subsidized, these alternative energy “solutions” will NEVER become economically viable in the real world. But, Ken has never lived in the real world.

Ken’s myth:
“energy companies have yet to develop a commercially successful process to extract the oil from rock”

Oil Shale technology was proven on a commercial scale at least as far back as 1924.

The largest Oil Shale facility has been in commercial operation since 1980.

Ken’s ignorance:
“Many experts have expressed concern about the impacts of large-scale oil shale production to our water, air, agriculture and public health. We want those impacts to be fully addressed”

It has already been addressed. The guidelines already exist for environmental protection in developing Oil Shale. These guidelines are the most stringent in the entire world.

The ONLY remaining obstacle is the most dangerous religious cult ever. And, Ken Brenner is a charter member of that cult.

Click here to learn more.

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