Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Darkly Amusing

Could anybody, other than a dyed in the wool Socialist, say this with a straight face?

“Recent changes to the city’s community housing guidelines will result in higher costs to developers and increased affordable housing in Steamboat Springs”
Could ANYBODY say that with a straight face?

Here, in The People’s Republic of Steamboat Springs, the insanity never ends!


Steamboat Lion said...

The same bleeding hearts over housing affordability are the very ones who scream the loudest about stopping new development and enforcing the urban growth boundary!

SBVOR said...

Steamboat Lion,

The sort of land use restrictions which we see in Routt County are precisely what has driven housing prices sky high in every location where similar measures have been implemented.

We can have open space and a smaller population or we can have affordable housing. We cannot have it both ways. Both values have merit. But, in my view, only the ignorant or the dishonest would even attempt to say we can indulge both values.