Sunday, July 6, 2008

Salazar vs. Data

Updated 7/6/08

U.S. Representative John Salazar, (D-CO), is (correctly, or otherwise) quoted to say:

“Is the oil and gas industry manipulating prices? I would say so. My numbers show that production was at 80 percent during Memorial Day when it is usually around 96 percent this time of year”

The Data Say:
Refinery Capacity Utilization has been within a steady range since 1991
And, has not been at or below 80% since Hurricane Katrina Struck
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I personally created and uploaded the above chart (and the next one).
The data used in both charts are found in this spreadsheet downloaded from this page.

Refinery Capacity Utilization is Slightly Lower Than Recent Years
(Note the impact of hurricane Katrina in September, 2005)
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Click this link and learn why, thanks to Dems,
there is now less incentive to “crack” crude oil into gasoline.
Owing to the price of crude, many refineries are now operating at a LOSS!

Despite Lower Refinery Capacity Utilization,
US Gasoline Inventories in Q1 of 2008 Were Higher
Than at Anytime in the Last 5 Years
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Source: Click here
The world demand for crude oil has, for some time, exceeded the world supply.
Prices will continue to rise until those two forces get back into balance.

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Click here to learn more on the supply & demand issues.

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