Friday, July 18, 2008

Recession? What Recession?

Click The Image And “Read all About it!”:
Click the image & read all about it
In Steamboat Springs, sales tax receipts for May 2008
were up 3.98% compared to May of 2007.

Sales tax receipts from restaurants were up 12.83%! Naturally, in the “special” world of so-called “journalism”, that did not warrant ANY MENTION outside of the sidebar.

Better still, the year-to-date receipts exceed the budget projections:

“the city had budgeted for a 4 percent increase in sales tax collections over 2007, Rolan said. The year-to-date increase stands at 4.66 percent after May”
Predictably, the overall tone of this “report” is very negative.

I say, if this is what a recession looks like, give me more!

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