Monday, October 20, 2008

Disband the Housing Authority - NOW!

Quoting SP&T:

“At a Thursday meeting of the Housing Authority’s board of directors, two schools of thought emerged regarding a strategy for 2009. One was a major reorganization of the Housing Authority that would cut its operations to a bare minimum and save money. Others felt the authority should ‘go for broke’ and do as much as possible in 2009 in hopes that the organization would prove its worth to Routt County voters, who might provide it a dedicated funding source, in turn, at next year’s ballot box.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest

“Routt County voters” “might provide it a dedicated funding source”???

Just HOW delusional ARE you so-called “Liberals”???

How STUPID do you think we are?

Which part of NO followed by HELL NO do you TYRANTS not understand? How many MORE expletives would precede the NEXT no vote? Must we throw the “F Bomb”? Is THAT what you understand?

The current national housing debacle was caused by PRECISELY this idiotic so-called “Affordable Housing” movement! It is now time for you to turn out the lights and shutdown your operations before one of us gets mad enough to SUE your sorry butts!

Come on! Even Rob Douglas can understand THIS ONE!

Shut it down! NOW!
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