Monday, September 1, 2008

Socialist Housing, Tyrannically Imposed

These are the facts regarding how Socialist Housing was tyrannically imposed on an unwilling majority in Steamboat Springs:

2002 - The People Say NO!
Quoting the 2002 survey of Steamboat Springs residents:

“Only 27 percent of respondents stated they would pay additional taxes to support more housing”
Note: That survey used to reside on the city web site. We can only wonder why it has been deleted. Fortunately, an internet archive site preserved it for us (even if our city government did not).

2003 - The Politicians Ignore the People & Impose Their Tyranny
Our elected officials HAD to know this new entity would require tax payer funding when, quoting this article:
“In November 2003, Routt County and the city of Steamboat Springs signed an agreement forming the Yampa Valley Housing Authority [WITHOUT putting it to a vote]”
2005 - The People MORE Emphatically Reiterate NO!
By 2005, according to page 43 of this survey of Steamboat Springs residents, the "willingness to pay" in order to "help develop affordable housing" had DROPPED and now ranged from 17.7% to 27.4%:

2006 - The Politicians Impose Their Tyranny to an even GREATER EXTENT
Our totalitarian Socialist "leaders" REPEATEDLY defied the CLEARLY and REPEATEDLY expressed will of "we, the people" and fed this ATROCITY ever LARGER sums of money which we CLEARLY told them we did NOT want to give them!

Quoting this article:
"In 2004, each entity gave $35,000; in 2005, $50,000; and in 2006, $60,000"
2007 - The People Throw the Bums Out!
Quoting this article:
“Challengers convincingly beat [ALL] council incumbents”
Towny Anderson was quoted to say:
“We tackled issues that hadn’t been tackled. … Arguably, you could say we got ahead of the community”
That is arrogant, self-righteous Socialist speak for “we know better than you and, in time, you will see that we were right”. No, Clowny, you were WRONG!

2008 - The Tyranny Grows Even LARGER (New Names, Same Old $#%@)
Quoting this article:
"the Yampa Valley Housing Authority... 2008 operating fund... includes $105,000 from the city of Steamboat Springs and $80,000 from Routt County"
The worst of it is that this Socialist Housing Program (like all that preceded it) is demonstrably destructive for everybody (with the possible exception of the parasitic bureaucrats who “earn” an income through this program). The greatest harm, as always, is done to the very people the program purports to “assist”. But, that is a topic for another day.

And, such is the tyranny of so-called “Liberals”.

The “divine right of self-righteous groups” indeed!


Steamboat Springs said...

I love your clear combination of fact and insight into this issue. Thank you for speaking your mind!

The only way to deal with affordable housing is a broad based effort but Towny and Ken knew the community didn't feel it was necessary as evidenced by your data so they pulled rank on the people they supposedly represent and got "ahead of us". That is hubris if I have ever seen it.

SBVOR said...


Thanks for stopping by.

I notice Google no longer finds hits on those items which I speculated may have been deleted from the city's web site. I know they previously existed. Before I was banned for life from SP&T, I had posted links to both items.


I would not presume to know why they might have been deleted. There could be a variety of explanations.

Steamboat Springs said...

Things do cycle by over time. I also liked your Fed graph on Colorado, California and Florida prices so I linked to you in a post on my Steamboat Blog about it. My site has decent Google mojo so hopefully it brings you some traffic