Sunday, September 14, 2008

Media Driven Drivel From KielyJ

Quoting the commentator known as KielyJ:

“However the US has 3% of the world’s fossil fuels resources and uses 25 %. US oil production peaked in 1973.We can drill everywhere the creative imagination of the Republicans can think of and it will not change the situation we are in”
This proves:

1) KielyJ gets his/her disinformation from enormously dishonest and deceptive television ads (see that link to fully debunk this snippet of KielyJ drivel).

2) SP&T has successfully censored intelligent commentary from Conservatives who do not trust SP&T with their identity any further than they could throw the SP&T building.

3) About the only (unchallenged) commentary we now see at the SP&T site is the sort of hopelessly mindless media driven drivel we see here from KielyJ.

I could spend all day every day debunking the pabulum that now passes for commentary on the SP&T website. But, my guess is that virtually nobody reads it anymore anyway. So, why bother?

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