Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mr. Ross - Catch a Clue!

Regarding this offering from Tom Ross (who does far better when he avoids politics):

1) Mr. Ross, if you are truly naïve enough to believe that a government directed “Greening of America” will revitalize our economy, I HIGHLY recommend some FAR better reading!

There are plenty of good ideas out there. But, as we learned from the Ethanol debacle, the LAST thing we need is for government bureaucrats to predetermine winners and losers through utterly corrupt and completely counterproductive GIANT subsidies at a time when the big spending Dems are already driving us into the poor house!

2) I’m not impressed by the Pulitzer Prize:

Winning The Pulitzer, much like winning the Nobel Peace Prize, is often little more than certain evidence that the subject is an accomplished propagandist for the Far Left:

A) Walter Duranty won one (and, apparently, The Old York Times is still proud of that).

B) Maureen Dowd won one (and, shockingly, is still carried by The Old York Times even after she blatantly, deliberately and unapologetically distorted the words of a wartime President to suggest the polar opposite of what he said).

3) Hot?

According to purely political propagandists? Of course. With more than $US50 billion and counting doled out already, there are plenty (“journalists” included) who, in my view, are willing to sell their soul to get a slice of that pie.

According to peer reviewed science? Nope.

4) Flat?

Well, we are living in a time of a global economy. But, that’s nothing new.

5) Crowded?

Come on! When will the hysteria mongers, posing as “journalists”, give up on that old meme?

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